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Sunday, 8/28 2011: hope

On Sunday morning we woke up happily because the tent had kept us dry although we had bad rain and thunderstorm all night long. And we were even more lucky because the rain stopped! So we fixed our clothes on our backpacks and started our trip. This day, we wanted to reach Stensjön, which is the end of the first stage. While the trip on Saturday wasn't that nice because it passed a lot of streets, houses and stuff, this second half of the first stage was way better! The nature was beautiful and so I soon forgot that I had pretty bad sore throat since I woke up.


After a few kilometers we reached Stensjön and had enough time to drink a hot cup of tea at the castle Gunnebo. Also we were able to buy a few bottles of water. There, we made some more experiences with the friendliness of the Swedish people. The shop owner asked us if she could fill up our bottles because she saw them on our backpacks and even therefor she left the shop alone for a few minutes. She also said that everyone would do this If we said that we were on a hike, and that we could come back at all times to refill the bottles. Unbelievable!

The last challenge on this day was to search a place to sleep. We soon noticed that this wasn't that easy in this area, because the ground was either granite, moor, bog, high roots or just flooded because of the rain. But luckily we found a place in the forest again that was just big enough to put our tent on. So we had our dinner in the tent again because it started raining. We also had another thunderstorm that evening. Happy about the fact that we could put up the tent before the rain started but also a bit sad that we couldn't eat outside, we fell asleep that night.

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