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Saturday, 8/27 2011, our first day on the Bohusleden

On Saturday, after having a good night at a couchsurfer's house in Gothenburg, we started our trip. After having a big thunderstorm in the morning, the sky looked better and we hoped to get trough the day without so much rain. We took the train from Gothenburg to Lindome, and while watching the sky through the window we noticed that it turned darker and darker...


And so all our fears came true: at the time we put up our backpacks, it started raining heavily. So we hoped that our rain-clothes, that had gone along with us through so many rainy days and never soaked trough, would keep us dry. But we seemed to be dogged by bad luck that day. We couldn't believe it, but just after one hour walking through the rain the water came out of our sleeves. And the rain got even heavier... sometimes we couldn't see the way in front of us because the raindrops kept our sight. Streets soon turned into small rivers. At that time, we looked at each other and, for a moment, we thought about giving up and going back to the train station immediately to drive back to Gothenburg. But we just kept on hiking... And after a few hours and about only 10 kilometers we reached a forest. The first stage normally got 19 kilometers, but we didn't care because we were so wet and in the forest there seemed to be a place where we could put up our tent (and where the forest soil wasn't flooded). Thankfully the rain stopped for a few minutes so we could put up the tent. We just hoped that the tent would keep us dry as the rain turned on again.

As we got to sleep that night, we felt a bit sad.


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